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Barney Black and Tara Sariban discuss the dark details of lesser known murders and serial killers from Australia and around the world. Though the tone of their conversations are often humorous the cases the cover are gruesome as hell.

Latest News and Episodes

  • Dante Sutorius was a petite, narcissistic gold digger who spoke in a baby voice and liked to play the part of a little lady who needed rescuing. Her four ex husbands all had chilling stories about the threats and destruction she brought upon them but it was husband number five that didn’t survive. People kill others for a variety of reasons but these reasons don’t always make sense. From coveting somebody’s packet of Cheetos to being served cold eggs, we take a look at some of the most absurd things...

  •   Moses Sithole became South Africa’s worst serial killer after a year long rape and murder spree that claimed the lives of 38 innocent victims. He preyed on his victims attempts to support their families by offering them jobs in a humanitarian foundation that didn’t exist, before torturing and murdering them in broad daylight. The crimes were nicknamed the ‘ABC Murders’ because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and ended in Cleveland. This story was a patron request for Libby Spicer. Raymond Brooks pleaded guilty to sexually abusing “Eva”...

  •   Fred Andros was a corrupt official for the Town of Poughkeepsie. He carried on numerous affairs and used his standing in the community and shrewd nature to manipulate part-time lover Dawn Silvernail into murdering a former lover for him in a church parking lot. On a sunny afternoon in August 1997, taxi driver Wade Frankum decided to go full Travis Bickle in The Coffee Pot Cafe in Western Sydney. The bloody event would be named “The Strathfield Massacre.”