Jack Unterweger and Elmer Crawford - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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An artistic Austrian sex worker slayer, an inventive Australian family annihilator and a boobalicious meth-head robber walk into a podcast.
Jack Unterweger was thought to be rehabilitated and got early release from his prison sentence for murder due to the popularity of his writing projects and the help of some Viennese intellectuals. Unfortunately for the sex workers of Europe and LA his rehabilitation didn’t really stick.
Elmer Crawford brutally murdered his wife and 3 children and tried unsuccessfully to make it look like his wife had done it. Instead it just looked completely bizarre and the police spent decades trying to bring him to justice.
The Buxom Bandit thought her large breasts might protect her from the long arm of the law but the fact her face was captured on CCTV cameras meant that was just a pipe dream.

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