Alleged gang boss 'Donkie' dodges death for the sixth time in 15 months - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Crime is something that South Africa is not short on. Many of the stories that would be front page news in other countries is a side note on page 3 or not mentioned at all. True Crime stories are easy to find but rather difficult to find a satisfactory conclusion to, many never have an ending. But the other day my husband sent me a news article of a SA crime that sounds more like a plot for a Guy Ritchie film.

We start with the headline “Alleged gang boss ‘Donkie’ dodges death for the sixth time in 15 months”. The Western Cape – in particular Cape Town, where our story takes place, is known to have gang violence as a regular occurrence. ‘Donkie’ (aka Jerome Booysen) is the alleged boss of a gang called ‘The Sexy Boys’ which has been around since Apartheid days. The story starts off pretty well, and then devolves into the absurd. Surviving 5 attempts on his life is fucking impressive. The first attack was a drive-by shooting where Booysen was shot in the NECK in May, the second attempt comes in September where a car he was believed to be in was shot 50 times… who has money for that many bullets in this economy?! There was a person in the car who was hit 21 times but ‘Donkie’ was safe again. The third attempt in October was even more brazen taking place at Cape Town International Airport (who the fuck has the balls to shoot someone at an airport?!) This time Booysen was hit four times in the chest but luckily survived. The fourth attempt is where things get really interesting.

After being hit four times in the chest ‘Donkie’ was recovering in Bellville hospital where an assassin made yet another attempt on his life with snake venom and a scalpel. But wait it’s better than it sounds! The male assassin had disguised himself as a female doctor complete with white coat, wig and pumps! The assassin was stopped by body guards and promptly arrested. The fifth attempt, another shooting, in March was foiled by Booysen’s car being bullet proof. Finally we come to the latest, another shooting. Donkie was at a Spur in Kuilsriver [pronounced “kall’s-river”] (a family restaurant – you know the ones that always have sticky table mats and a children’s play area right next to the smoking section). He was shot in the arm but don’t you worry he was able to fire back and hit the shooter in the head…at a family restaurant. In the one video you can see a pool of blood just underneath where the crayons and colouring-in stuff is kept.

I doubt this is the last we will hear of Jerome ‘Donkie’ Booysen and the Sexy Boys as they are currently in a turf war over nightclubs in Cape Town.

By Libby Spicer


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