BBC5 Radio Writeup on Bloody Murder - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Recently Bloody Murder got a writeup on the BBC5 Radio website, as we were featured on The Sarah Brett show! Here’s what they had to say: True crime fan? Do you need some new podcast recommendations? TV presenter and podcaster Chris Johnson has chosen five of his favourite true crime podcasts as part of 5 Live’s Must Listen, every Monday at midnight on the Sarah Brett show. He’s picked: Casefile, S’Laughter, Paradise, They Walk Among Us and Bloody Murder.

Here’s what Chris had to say about Bloody Murder:

“Barney Black and Tara Sariban each pick a true crime story, write up a detailed essay all about the case and read it to the other host. The aim is to tell the more twisted or bizarre story. Comedy is the focus of the podcast, and the pair take great care to never mock the victims or the witnesses to the cases – instead, they see fit to take the p out of the oddball details of each incident. Dark humour is the order of the day, but that extra layer can take the edge off of the subject matter just enough to make bingeing possible. Most episodes end with a mix of outtakes from the recording and a ‘typically Aussie’ crime case – think a down-under Darwin Awards.”

Here’s an edited version on what they said about Bloody Murder on their Radio show:


Thanks to Chris and Sarah!


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