Beefcake & Bullets: The Chippendales Murder - Part One - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Steve Banerjee, creator of the world famous male stripper troupe, The Chippendales, would do anything to protect his brand. And what a brand it was; at their peak the Chippendales were raking in millions of dollars a year. Controlling and consumed by greed, Steve had everything he could dream of thanks to his thrusting empire of man meat, but it was never enough. In the end he resorted to arson, extortion and murder to retain his power. Welcome to part one of our two part special on The Chippendales Murder.

TCNT: Nia Thimakis tells us about the book, ‘A Solitude of Wolverines’ by Alice Henderson.

Aussie As: A drug courier who smashed into two parked police cars with a shit-tonne of ice in his van goes with a rather honest legal defence.

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