Crime Docos "Black Fish" and "Tower" - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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There are 2 docos I reckon are worthy.


This doco made me so mad. Its the type I can’t bring myself to watch again because I was so affected. It’s not your traditional crime doco but what happens in it is definitely a crime.

Greedy fuckers putting employees lives at risk to make a buck!!! People get hurt, 3 people die and the people who can change it DONT. I hope those cunts burn in hell. Be warned there is some animal cruelty involved, as it’s about Tilikum an orca that was at held sea world. Yep a serial killer whale! 🙂


Tower is about a shooter on the top of the University clock tower in Austin Texas back in 1966. Charles Whitman. An ex marine, who indiscriminately shot at people for an hour and a half!!!! This asshole killed 16 and injured another 31. And I’m not sure if that total includes his mother and his wife that he stabbed to death the night before.

Tower is put together in a cool way using interviews, archival videos and animation. With the bonus of seeing where some of the victims and witnesses are now.

Ps the photo of Charles Whitman dead on the observation deck is gruesome. It’s not in the doco but google won’t let you down.

Alright got to go kick some pricks.


Simone Edwards

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