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Brenda Nicholas was a con artist and thief who preyed on elderly people. She often pretended to be a tarot reader named “Lady Monica,” who gained their trust before taking them for all they were worth. In 2011, she and her ragtag gang of petty criminals stabbed 70-year-old Navy veteran and two-time Purple Heart recipient Patrick Fleming to death, just so they could steal his valuable coin collection.

Lovable rogue Michael “Melbourne Mick” Sayers was always looking for the next sure thing. This chronic punter had a life-long pathological addiction to gambling. Mick had it so bad, he would bet on anything and do whatever it took to feed his habit, including race fixing, armed robbery, drug dealing and murder. Drinking buddies with the likes of Neddy Smith and Graham Henry, after the fixing of Fine Cotton, in the end all he had to wager was the last thing of value he had… his life.

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Aussie As: A mullet-wearing bloke with face-tattoo’s goes on a rather unique robbery spree.

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