The Bunny-Boiler Heiress and The Cad at the Crumbles - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Carolyn Warmus was a beautiful, blonde and well-educated heiress who appeared to want for nothing in life. But Carolyn was an obsessive bunny-boiler and a stalker from way back. Betty Jeanne Solomon would find out the hard way that Carolyn would let nothing stand between her and the man she wanted.

Patrick Herbert Mahon was a handsome, philandering, sleazy, cad who committed the ultimate crime. He also liked a bit of fraud, embezzlement and robbery with violence. It was a dark day when he met 37-year-old typist Emily Beilby Kaye. A love tryst at a beach called the Crumbles would end with her boiled flesh in a saucepan, a hat box, and a biscuit tin, and her torso in a trunk.

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