Charles Graeber's "The Good Nurse" - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Myself and most true crime nerds seem to be less interested in medical serial killers, i think because there’s no exciting knifings, just some boring-ass poisonings, but this book, about serial killer nurse Charles Cullen was so well written that it’s a real page turner. Cullen is one of those “guy next door” type of serial killers, and definitely does not fit the stereotype. You also get to read about the stunning treatment of him by various hospitals, whom transfer him to other hospitals even after suspecting he caused the deaths of patients. It will make you rage. And, as he is possibly linked to hundreds of murders, he’s the most prolific serial killer that isn’t a household name. You will love this book even if you find poison boring.

By Ary – Murder Under The Midnight Sun

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