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Thoughts or comments? Wanna suggest a case or maybe just give us some shit? Contact Barney or Tara by clicking on the icons below. Our preferred method of contact is via email.

If you’d like send us something via snail mail, maybe some fan art or a gift? Send here: 

Tara Sariban
Parcel Locker 10135 95238
300-304 Albert Street

…Or maybe you just wanna buy us a drink or make a one off donation?

Episode 91: Walking Ebola -- Genene Jones

Hey, look! Another serial killer nurse! My favorite... or, not, but they just keep appearing. This time, @behindcrimeblog joined me to talk about Genene Jones and the inherent fuckery of her existence.

Patreon Exclusive Bonus The Tale of All Yours, F*ck You January's Exclusive Patreon Bonus is now available, the 2010 murders of #SamHerr and #JulieKibuishi committed by small time actor #DanielWozniak

New episode is here! A little early I know. But my cold made me forget how to schedule a release 🤷‍♀️😂

Do you believe in cursed objects? While some people don't, the family of this story did. Listen to the Conjure Chest and draw your own conclusion.

Colin Howell was charismatic and known as a frequent church go-er in his locale. Tune in to episode 10 to see where it all went wrong.

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Joy Kuo and Iphigenie Amoutzias both came across the same NZ-based new age group, Joy in Sydney and Iphigenie in Auckland. They shared their stories with me for the latest episode.

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