Contact - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Thoughts or comments? Wanna suggest a case or maybe just give us some shit? Contact Barney or Tara by clicking on the icons below. Our preferred method of contact is via email.

If you’d like send us something via snail mail, maybe some fan art or a gift? Send here: 

Tara Sariban
Parcel Locker 10135 95238
300-304 Albert Street

…Or maybe you just wanna buy us a drink or make a one off donation?

@moviemazz Added to my must listen podcast.
Since we is sharing, I've been enjoying the bloody murder podcast. @bloodymurderpod If you or anyone is interested in true crime. It's got a nice blend of oz rather than the strict mono tone retelling.

@laurenN_01 There may be some repeats @36timespodcast @48hours @AffirmativeMur1 @killnofillpod @AlreadyGonePod @ATWWDpodcast @BCWC1 @BTMASTCP @BTCrimecast @CRiiiMEPOD @Cabin_Nightmare @bloodymurderpod @TheBloodyRocks @BloodTies_Pod @beyondbloodpc @calitruecrime @CanadianTCpod @ColorMeDeadPod

For everyone having a sad that #DeathInIceValley is over, and feel a bit melancholy over not being able to hear @MaritHigraff every week? Have some laughs w/my friends @BarneyDanger & Tara Sariban @bloodymurderpod they’re absolutely hilarious and know how to lighten the mood!😘😍

Episode 76 of Bloody Murder has to be heard to be believed!!! The Murders of Sophie Lionnet and Senior Constable David Rixon. #PodernFamily

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