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Thoughts or comments? Wanna suggest a case or maybe just give us some shit? Contact Barney or Tara by clicking on the icons below. Our preferred method of contact is via email.

If you’d like send us something via snail mail, maybe some fan art or a gift? Send here: 

Tara Sariban
Parcel Locker 10135 95238
300-304 Albert Street

…Or maybe you just wanna buy us a drink or make a one off donation?

Ep. 141 is now available. ⁣
⁣The intense and moving story of “The Case of the Smiling Sociopath”⁣
⁣Listen at or your fav. podcatcher!⁣
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Early release of Episode 141 is up for our patrons!
“The Case of the Smiling Sociopath”
The rest of you Bloody Legends can hear it tomorrow!
Become a patron here if you can’t wait:
#podcast #australianpodcast #truecrimepodcast #truecrime #podernfamily

'A Killing in Cambodia' kicks off Murder Was the Cases' the world is a racket series by looking at the mysterious disappearance of CSIS asset Dave Walker - a good friend of Dr. @Peter_Vronsky - in Cambodia in 2014.

We❤️our true crime podcasts !

[Addendum] #132 The Tale of the Marine in the Lake | Orbital Jigsaw A follow up to this week’s episode 132. I share some new information I learned this week about this case.

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