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Dear Barney and Tara –

I thought I would contribute another True Crime Nerd Time.

I listened to the audiobook of “Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA, and More Tell Us About Crime” by Val McDermid, who writes the series about profiler Tony Hill.

The book is narrated by Sarah Barron, who has a wonderful Scots brogue, so every time she says “murrrrder” (and she says it a LOT) it’s like she’s doing a Baz imitation.

It’s a fascinating look at the origins of forensic science – how all the techniques we take for granted today were invented or discovered, and how they gained acceptance by ignorant juries (as well as ignorant cops), and also how a few techniques have been discredited.

A slew of classic murder – sorry, murrrrder cases are highlighted, from the woman who killed her two children in Buenos Aires and was the first person convicted with a fingerprint, to Jack the Ripper (who might have been caught if Scotland Yard had had a good CSI team), all the way up to recent cases being solved with DNA (or not).

One of my favorite bits was when McDermid brought in the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, which I always mean to spend more time looking into. I loved this book, and want more.

I just want to thank you both again for making me laugh when I need a laugh, and also for how fierce you both can get about what victims go through. I love it when you get serious – but also, Sexy Barney and Russian Tara give me life.

You’re pretty great. Don’t let any of the pricks tell you otherwise. Ever.

Much love (hey baby)
Adios, Tracey Stewart





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