Contract Killer Mad Dog Joe Sullivan - Part 1 - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Contract killer “Mad Dog” Joe Sullivan started out life as a good Irish Catholic boy in a squarehead family in Queens. In part one of this two-part special, we cover how the sudden death of Joe’s detective father, and the horrendous effect it had on his family broke something inside young Joe. And when Joe broke, he broke bad.

Mad Dog Sullivan spent most of his teen years in Juvenile Detention for petty crimes, before graduating to armed robberies and murder. After escaping from Attica maximum security prison, in 1971, Joe hit up made man John Sullivan for a job. Through John, Joe became a contract killer for “Fat Tony” Salerno and the notorious Genovese crime family. He is said to have disposed of Jimmy Hoffa’s body for them and murdered two of Mickey Spillane’s top gunman Tommy Devaney and “Eddie The Butcher” Cummiskey.

Under the tutelage of his murder mentor, George Barone, over the next several years Joe would go on to murder an estimated 30 people.

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Aussie As: Carl William’s widow’s hopes for a glamorous reality TV show are jeopardised when she and her gang allegedly bash and blackmail the producer.

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