Poster Boy For Rehabilitation Charles Yukl and The Burning of Darren Reid - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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New York based piano and voice teacher Charles Yukl met a lot of attractive young women who were trying to make it big in show business. Unfortunately for Charles, the attraction he felt for them was not reciprocated. In 1966 He murdered his student, aspiring actress Suzanne Reynolds after she rebuffed his inappropriate advances. Released from prison due to a dodgy plea agreement after only 5.5 years, “model prisoner” Charles was considered a pin up boy for rehabilitation. But was he actually rehabilitated or was history about to repeat itself?

Daren Reid and Kate Stone were each others first love and believed they were destined to be together for ever. They would go on to have five children. Nobody could explain why Kate would douse Darren in paint thinner and burn him alive in 2016 or why Darren would tell authorities it was someone else that had torched him.

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