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My name’s Drake. I live in Florida

I’m sure you guys have heard of the show Mr. Inbetween on FX. But if you’re living under a fucking rock in Melbourne, I’ll share what it’s about
The show is about a man named Ray who lives in Sydney. He’s a former Australian military man and convict. The show follows him while he tries to be a good father and take care of his older brother who suffers from MD. Ray works as a bouncer at a strip club that his crime boss friend owns, and as a hired gun. You learn early on that he lives by a certain code, don’t be an asshole and you won’t get bashed. He ends up meeting a girl who’s an EMT who knows nothing about his real job. Ray seems to be almost un-killable as he gets the better of 5 crims who want him dead and proceeds to have a phone call with his girlfriend whilst burying all the bodies.

Honestly I cannot wait for the 3rd season. Such a great show and incredibly intense.

I hope you check it out if you haven’t already

P.s. get at me tara lmao

Tara edit: damn straight I’ll get at you Drake! Of course I’ve seen Mr Inbetween and I love it’s guts! It is one of the very best TV shows ever made. Best Aussie show for sure. The creator, writer and star is a guy named Scott Ryan and we love him so hard it hurts.One of my proudest moments was when he liked a comment I made on his Insta and he followed me back! It was SQEEE central at my house. I danced around so much the dog joined in. When Scott Ryan accepted my facebook friend request I also went bananas. You see, Scott is Barney and my new best friend, he just doesn’t know it yet.  Mr In season 1 and 2 bloody brilliant. The film that was a precursor to the TV show is a corker too. It’s called the Magician and was made in 2005.




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