Weed, Guns and Sand Dunes - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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In August, 1999, Danny Wasley and Mark Banks vanished near Newcastle, in New South Wales. According to Danny’s best friend, Kevin Naismith, the two missing men had been involved in selling cannabis.

When their burnt bodies were eventually found in sand dunes at remote Stockton Beach, the truth of how they got there would shock their friends and families. This is an intriguing case full of twists and turns involving revenge and a tangled web of lies.


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Sources: R v Faulkner [2000] NSWSC 944 (5 October 2000), Forensic Investigators: Kevin Naismith, NSW: Two men charged over the murder of two missing men, AAP General News, R v Naismith [2000] NSWSC 1024.

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