Nick Appleyard's "Life Means Life" - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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My current true crime favorite book right now is Life Means Life by Nick Appleyard. It’s a compilation of the (at the time of publication) 36 men and one woman sent to prison for a sentence of “life meaning life” in the United Kingdom. Some of the murderers featured in this book is human rodent, neo-nazi wannabe fuckface Ian Brady – a man who desperately deserved a toothbrush shiving in the kidney if there ever was one – and the supposed real life Hannibal Lector Robert Maudsley. The one thing that might put off some true crime fans is that the victims are glossed over, but I really appreciate that it’s made apparent how vile the author thinks these monsters are, as some books seem to be a bit too supportive or sympathic to the killers.

By Lauren

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