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Belgium native Els Van Doren was an experienced skydiver with over 2,300 jumps behind her. In November 2006, Els went skydiving with other members of the the Zwartberg Parachute Club, including her friends Els Clottemans and Marcel Somers. After leaping from a Cessna at 13,000 feet, Els was horrified to find that her parachute ropes had been cut and her parachutes wouldn’t open. Els plummeted to the ground, dying on impact. But who would want the mother of two dead and why?

Ray Denning grew up as a damaged little boy. He was passed around relatives and spent time in and out of juvvy jail. He graduated from this criminal university to become a skilled serial armed robber, crafty prison escapologist and murderer. But in a strange turnaround he became a Prison rights activist and media darling. When he died in mysterious circumstances in 1993, Ray Denning had spent more than half his life in jail.

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Aussie As: An Aussie tradie goes on a drunken rampage in Bali.

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