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This is Part Two of That Bastard Bruce Burrell, if you haven’t listened to part one and you want any of this to make sense, we suggest you push stop and go back and listen to episode 171.

In part one we covered the 1995 mysterious disappearance of 74-year-old widow Dottie Davis. Two years later, mother of three, Kerry Whelan was kidnapped in Parramatta and a one million dollar US ransom was demanded for her safe return. Dottie and Kerry both had close ties to slick con man Bruce Burrell. This episode we detail the investigation into Kerry’s kidnap and the long road to justice for the Whelan and Davis families.

TCNT: Amanda Blackburn, and she wrote to us about the true crime book, Murder in the Adi-ron-dacks: An American Tragedy Revisited by Craig Brandon.

Aussie As: A boofhead knocks himself unconscious while streaking during an Adelaide football game.

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