The Absurdly Motivated Murder of Joey Fisher and The Stalking Murder of Adriana Donato - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Surgeons wife and mother of 5 Dora Cisneros was very upset that her 17-year-old daughter Christina’s boyfriend Joey Fischer had broken up with her. When nagging Joey to get back with Christina and even offering to bribe him to do so failed, Dora decided to organise his murder with the help of a local fortune-teller.

In the outer suburbs of Melbourne in 2012, Adriana Donato was senselessly murdered by her ex-boyfriend James Stoneham. This is the kind of jealousy-fuelled violence that women are subjected to way too often. Adriana would never have got in her ex-boyfriend’s car if she had known about his plot to kill her and that he had a knife. Others knew. Why didn’t anyone tell her?

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