The Killer Bride and Take my Last Beers and I'll Kill You! - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Ashley Laney and Tracey Humphrey were married on the 4th of July, 2003. The next day, Ashley murdered Tracey’s ex-girlfriend Sandra Rosso, who was due to go to court to testify against him in an assault case. Did Ashley commit this murder of her own accord, or was she just a puppet for her controlling new husband?

Ever heard someone say ‘touch my beer and I’ll kill you’? Usually this is just an expression, but not for Northern Territory man Gary Miles. Gary killed his mate Paul Stamp because he drank his last four beers. Paul’s murder would reveal the ugly face of alcohol fuelled violence in all it’s tragic and brutal glory.

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    Posted at 04:20h, 31 March Reply

    love the way you two tell the stories, found my new fave podcast

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