The Michael Kanaan Story - Special Edition - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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To celebrate our 100th Episode we’ve joined forces with Cambo Ford to bring you Bloody Murder on True Crime Island: The Michael Kanaan Story!

Michael Kanaan is an Australian triple murderer from Sydney. He was second in charge of the notorious gang DK’s Boys who controlled the cocaine trade in Kings Cross in the late 90’s and were involved in all manner of tomfoolery, their violent crimes included kneecapping, extortion and shooting cops.

Most of Sydney’s traditional criminal underworld worked under the radar. They avoided clashes with cops like the plague. DK’s boys were a new breed, all anger and firepower. They had balls made of bullets and they weren’t afraid to use them.

This is a classic tale of a modern Aussie crim who grew up aspiring to live like the gangsters in the American movies he watched repeatedly. As is usually the case, things did not turn out well for anyone involved!

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