The Norwegian Black Metal Murder and “Crazy Shelley” Knotek - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Church arsonist, possible neo Nazi, former Mayhem bassist and Burzum founder Varg Vikernes claimed he heard through the Norwegian black metal grapevine that band mate Euronymous had planned to tie him to a tree and torture him to death while filming it. Considering how Euronymous handled the suicide of Mayhem lead vocalist Dead, that didn’t sound like such a far fetched concept. So Varg stabbed him…23 times.

“Crazy Shelley” sounds like a the nickname of fun party gal but Michelle Knotek would be better described as a cold hearted, sadistic, master manipulator. Boarders who stayed at her Washington home had a habit of disappearing – apparently running off to far away places and never contacting their friends and family again. They also experienced prolonged periods of torture and starvation while being locked in closets and left at the bottom of wells.

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