The Singing Serial Killer and Vilma Broda - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Verry Idham Henyansyah, better known as Ryan, is an Indonesian serial killer who was nicknamed the Singing Serial Killer because he liked to entertain court officials, fellow inmates and the media by singing songs off the album he recorded in prison. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, he also wrote a tell all autobiography detailing his murders and his life growing up as a religious, homosexual, aerobics instructor and “model.”

In the 1960’s, the inner city Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy was a lot different to the upwardly mobile hipster hangout it is today. Instead it was comprised of factories and boarding houses with many inhabitants being working class immigrants. When children playing in vacant lots came across the dismembered pieces of a man’s mutilated body the police would first have to ascertain who he was before figuring out who killed him – and why.

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