The Sinister Minister and The Mad Scientist - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Pennsylvania Pastor AB Schirmer’s wives had an unfortunate habit of dying suddenly in – rather ridiculous circumstances. Due to his stature, nobody thought to be suspicious of their deaths.  But after the suicide of his mistress Cindy Musante’s husband, everything started to come undone for the Sinister Minister.

In Tasmania in 1983, Rory Jack Thompson strangled his ex-wife. He then cut her up into 91 pieces and flushed her down the toilet. Was this spectrum-surfing sociopath, this professor of fluid dynamics, just another man who horrifically murdered an ex-partner he couldn’t control? Or is there more to his story?

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  • Tamara Myers-White
    Posted at 21:29h, 30 September

    Excellence! Great stories. Hoping to submit a story soon. I have 40 years of research and books to go through for a really obscure one. Cuntfully yours, Tam White Hey, Tara, that has now become my favorite word!