The Sunset Strip Slayers, Cayetano Godino “The Big Eared Midget” and Topsy the Elephant - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Douglas Clark was narcissistic even by 1980’s LA standards. He called himself “a sexual athlete” and would charm women with self esteem issues into supporting his lazy ass. Carol Bundy had the kind of horror show upbringing that made her grist for his type of mill. Together they were vile and deadly.

Lock up your children, hide your pets, fire proof your home – and your children and your pets! Cayetano Godino had murder on his mind from a very young age and didn’t let his small stature diminish his body count. Although the Argentinian authorities weren’t taking him seriously at first, when they did they actually wondered – Did his big ears make him do it?

Topsy gained a reputation as a bad circus elephant because she didn’t suffer drunken assholes gladly. The footage of her 1903 execution is both the first and last elephant snuff film we plan on watching.

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