TV series "Dark Minds" - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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TV series “Dark Minds”

My name is Jade, I live in New Zealand and I have just started to listen to your podcast and I love it. There’s so many episodes that it’s really hard to choose just one. I listen to so many true crime podcasts and your podcast is one of my favourites beside Moms and Murder, Casefile, Untold Murders, Serial Killers, Female Criminals by Parcast, Weird Darkness, Murder Mile and The Trail Went Cold. I love the comedy, you guys are very funny, keep up the good work.
For True Crime Nerd time. I love anything that are Crime related. My recommendation is a tv series called Dark Minds where True Crime author M. William Phelps and pre-eminent criminal profiler John Kelly reopen unsolved homicides thought to be the work of serial killers with the help from a killers known only to viewers as “”13,” and “Raven”, two convict serving multiple life terms for a series of murders, who presents Phelps and Kelly with theories on the homicides based on their own experiences. This show bring those cold case back to life and gives the viewers insight inside the dark mind of an murder. M. Williams Phelps brings up on multiple times in the show that his sister-in-law was murdered and her killer was never founded, so he knows how the families of the victims of those cold cases feel.
Keep up the good work and stay murdery!
You guys rock.
By Jade Bennett

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