The Unnoticed Murders of the Wycherley's and The Black Prince of Lygon Street - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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In October 2012, a woman called the Nottinghamshire police in England, to report that William and Patricia Wycherley had been killed 14 years earlier and she knew where their bodies were buried. If she was telling the truth, why had nobody reported the couple missing? And what did their daughter Susan Edwards and her husband Christoper have to do with it?

Alphonse “The Black Prince of Lygon Street” Gangitano has been described as a loving husband and father and as a vile gangster and murderer. From the 1970’s right through to the late 90’s, the Black Prince ruled over Carlton, brutalising it’s residents with extortion, drug dealing and murder. Mate of Christopher “Mr Rent-to-Kill” Flannery, enemy of Mark “Chopper” Read, he was leader of the feared Carlton Crew which included members Graham “The Munster” Kinniburgh, Mario Condello, Mick Gatto and Jason and Mark Moran. Seemingly unstoppable, the prince went too far and couldn’t predict his best friend would turn on him.

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Aussie As: A QLD woman is arrested for riding her horse through a drive-through bottle shop while drunk.

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