The Novice Psychopath - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Novice Psychopath, Daniel Kelsall looked harmless, but this skinny 20-year-old with curly ginger hair was anything but. Inside this nerdish, owlish looking young man seethed a mass of cold anger and his blackened heart beat with the desire to commit evil deeds.

Daniel told mental health professionals about his thoughts of killing random strangers, but they didn’t take him seriously, letting him slip through the cracks of an already overloaded system. One night after finishing a shift at a restaurant he enacted his evil and bloody ambition with deadly results.

TCNT: Jason Phillips tells us about the crime author, Micheal Connelly writer of non-fiction novel, Crime Beat, and crime fiction book series starring Hieronymus Bosch. Also true crime podcast called Murder Book.

Aussie As: A man who was arrested for drug dealing twice in a fortnight had some red hot excuses for the courts.

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