Travis the Chimp, The Gay Slayer and the Shark Arm Murders - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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The story of Travis the chimp and the harrowing 911 call accompanying it will make most people rethink how fun it would be to own a monkey. On January 1st 1993, Englishman Colin Ireland made a new years resolution to become a serial killer but he had a frustrating time geting kudos for his killings as the police kept assuming his homosexual victims had died accidentally while engaging in S&M games. In 1935 a great white shark in a Sydney aquarium regurgitated a human arm with a unique tattoo. The investigation to how it got there revealed there were far more sinister things going on in Sydney’s seamy underbelly than just the marine life.

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The mysterious tattoo on the arm coughed up from a shark

Travis the Chimp and owner… he will eat your face!

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