Belle Gunness and Styllou Christofi - Bloody Murder: A True Crime Podcast
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Belle Gunness was a Norwegian-born Amazonian woman of doom also known as Hell’s Bell, Lady Bluebeard and the Big F**k Off Queen of Murder and Insurance Fraud! She was so irresistible to lonely gents that they usually bought thousands of dollars with them to pay off her mortgage when they visited her. She also flamed out in a spectacular way, staging her own murder, killing her kids, burning down her house and disappearing like a phantom. This is a Patron request for Kirsten Houssell.

Styllou Christofi was a Greek Cypriot woman hanged in Britain for murdering her daughter-in-law. She was the penultimate British female hanging and the mother in law from hell. She was a matriach of the old school and made her feelings plain. But giving her daughter-in-law crap wasn’t enough and she soon resorted to murder, something she had done before.


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