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*** 2018 Finalist Best Comedy – Australian Podcast Awards and 2018 Finalist Popular Vote – Australian Podcast Awards. ***

Barney Black and Tara Sariban discuss the dark details of lesser known murders and serial killers from Australia and around the world. Though the tone of their conversations are often humorous the cases the cover are gruesome as hell. Their humour comes from some rather unusual places but never at the expense of the victims or their families.

Latest News and Episodes

  • 27 years ago Marlene Warren opened the door to someone dressed as a clown who gave her a bouquet of flowers and shot her in the face. We discuss her killers recent arrest and the long elusive motive. Edwin Lewis wanted to be rich, but the silver-tongued dickweed lacked the smarts and skills and instead relied on his only talent: boundless dishonesty. When he realised he couldn’t swindle himself rich, he resorted to murder. This is a Patron Only episode. To become a Patron click here

  • My current true crime favorite book right now is Life Means Life by Nick Appleyard. It’s a compilation of the (at the time of publication) 36 men and one woman sent to prison for a sentence of “life meaning life” in the United Kingdom. Some of the murderers featured in this book is human rodent, neo-nazi wannabe fuckface Ian Brady – a man who desperately deserved a toothbrush shiving in the kidney if there ever was one – and the supposed real life Hannibal Lector Robert Maudsley. The one thing...

  •   Pierre Basson was South Africa’s first documented serial killer. His lack of empathy made him a very dangerous man. He was described by police as ‘a scoundrel from infancy’ due to his violence towards animals and later graduated to murdering innocent people for insurance money. Former meat salesman Dennis Bagwell was a cocaine addicted, rage-monster with a violent criminal past. When his mother would only give him $20 to buy drugs with, his barely contained fury exploded with devastating consequences. Become a Bloody Murder Patron for over a dozen extra episodes, early...